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Family Medical History

August 10th, 2011 No Comments

 Genealogy and Your Family Medical History

family medical history


As a professional genealogist, I cannot stress enough the importance of learning about all aspects of
your family history through research. This can be especially true in regards to family medical history.
By learning more about our past, we can make changes to better our health and our future.


By tracing your family medical history, you may be surprised to learn of certain medical conditions
you are predisposed to. While some people prefer to live by the “ignorance is bliss” motto, others prefer
to “take life by the reigns” and take control of their health and, ultimately, their future.


Let’s say your are a female and your family research uncovered an unusual number of instances of
breast cancer on the maternal side of your family. The death certificates of several aunts, cousins and
a great-grandmother all attribute their causes of death to breast cancer.


This is the point where knowledge can be a wonderful advantage. Maybe you never thought much about
breast cancer because your mom didn’t have it. Nobody ever talked about breast cancer in your family.
Then all of a sudden, you find these women in your family who died from breast cancer. By being aware
of these instances, you could take this knowledge and make the choice to become more diligent about
regular breast exams and mammograms. Your awareness is heightened, and you jump on any
abnormalities right away.


Tracing your family history can definitely have many benefits, and an often ignored benefit of genealogy
research is learning more about your family’s medical history.


Knowledge truly is power, and those with the power have the most to gain.

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