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Genealogy Report Samples

Genealogy Report Samples:


Our Genealogy Report Samples below will give you an idea of the type and quality of work that we produce. Please keep in mind, however, that no two Family History Books or Research Reports that we create are alike.


Family Tree Genealogy Work Samples


This is only a partial example of what one of our Family History Books would look like. The final Family History Book you will receive will not only include a pedigree chart and narrative report like the genealogy report samples posted here, but it will also include copies of all vital records and historical documents pertaining to the research project. We use a number of different software programs to create charts, collect records and even create maps and timelines for our clients! In fact, our Family History Books, or Presentation Binders, can be anywhere from 50 to 300 pages or more! Check out what our clients have to say about their books in our testimonials section, click here.


Example of a Pedigree Chart and Narrative Reports:

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