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Hereditary Societies

hereditary societiesJoining hereditary societies, lineage societies and other genealogy-related organizations can be an important way to honor your ancestors, serve the community and participate in charitable organizations.

The Ancestor Detector has held memberships in a number of lineage societies and hereditary societies. Having gone through the society application process many times, we are very familiar with the types of documentation that these hereditary societies require. Should you wish to join one of these lineage societies or hereditary societies, we have the knowledge to assist you with your application and help you to gather the necessary documentation. Some of our current and past affiliations and memberships include the following:

Hereditary Societies:

Civil War Descendants Society
Clan McCord Society
Clan MacDougall Society of North America
Clan Irwin Association
Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars
Dames of the Court of Honor
Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
First Families of Tennessee
Flagon and Trencher
Founders of the New Haven Colony
Guild of Colonial Artisans & Tradesmen, 1607-1783
Jamestowne Society
Hereditary Order of the Families of Presidents & 1st Ladies of America
National Huguenot Society
National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century
National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (Chapter Vice-Regent)
National Society Descendants of Textile Workers of America
National Society Sons & Daughters of Antebellum Planters, 1607-1861
National Society Southern Dames of America
National Society United States Daughters 1812
Order of First Families of Maryland
Order of First Families of Connecticut
Order of Washington
Scotch-Irish Society of the USA
Swedish Colonial Society
United Daughters of the Confederacy (Chapter President & Registrar)
Vietch Historical Society

association of professional genealogistsNGS

Genealogical & Professional Society Memberships:

• Association of Professional Genealogists
• National Genealogical Society

Honors, Awards & Other Affiliations:

• Stanford Who’s Who, 2010-2011
• National Association of Professional Women
• Vegas Young Professionals
• Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce



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