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Ancestor Detector Terms

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The Ancestor Detector – Client Agreement


While striving for excellence and accuracy in each research project, The Ancestor Detector guarantees that the very best work will be performed for each and every client. We cannot guarantee, however, that every answer the client seeks will be found. We can only go where the research takes us. On many occasions, we have disproved family lore, when facts led us elsewhere. That said, we have also found information to confirm many of our clients’ suspicions — for example, that they were part Native American. (Check out a good article on family legends and lore here.)


While The Ancestor Detector will work as quickly as possible to complete each job, some projects may become delayed for reasons beyond our control (for example, a government document that is ordered may take several weeks longer than anticipated to arrive). The client acknowledges that the turnaround time for each research project will vary.


Once an agreement between The Ancestor Detector and each client has been made, half of the research fee will be due up front. All remaining costs will be due upon the completion of the project. The Presentation Binder, research reports and copies of historical documents will not be sent to the client until payment in full has been received. Additional costs (for copying, postage, etc.) incurred during the research project are also due upon its completion. Please be aware, however, that no additional fees will be added or any documents ordered without the client’s prior consent.


The client acknowledges they they are purchasing a service, not a tangible item. The client understands they they are paying for a professional genealogist’s time, experience and access to unique records and that they are not necessarily guaranteed specific results.  That said, we are proud of our excellent track record, and the majority of our business comes from client referrals. But don’t take our word for it, we urge you to take a look at our client testimonials, and see what our satisfied clients have to say for themselves.

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