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  • “Jessica is fabulous. I couldn’t believe how much information she was able to find, she even helped me unravel a family mystery! I especially love the binder she gave me, she was absolutely wonderful to work with.”

    Testimonial from the Legendary Queen of Burlesque, Tempest Storm – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I got the binder that you put together about my father, Richard Nilsen, and it’s wonderful. Just wanted to say thank you. I have enjoyed looking through it.”

    Testimonial From Warren Nilsen – Cumming, Georgia

  • “After contacting Jessica by email and again by phone, I found she was pleasant, easy to talk to and attentive. I was pleased with her knowledge and experience in researching family histories. I was even more pleased with the results she provided. The research was thorough and detailed. If you need help tracing your family history, you couldn’t find a better person to do it.”

    Testimonial from Tracy Moore – Holland, Texas

  • “Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us! We are thrilled at the end result of all your hard work on this lengthy project. My husband now knows more about his family than we both ever dreamed of. He is finally able to connect the names that he would hear from his parents when he was growing up. He now knows exactly where his ancestors originated and would love to go visit any family still there. On my side of the family, I had so much information that needed to be organized and put in order. I love it that you did even more research for me and included lots of interesting items. You went way above and beyond anything I ever expected and it was such a nice surprise to see all the extras you provided. I loved the pictures and … I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to do this for future generations to know their roots and pass it on to all their family. You are a perfectionist and do wonderful work. Thank you again for a job well done. I wish you well.”

    Testimonial from Karen Griffiths – Hixson, Tennessee

  • “Thank you for all your hard work and effort. People who have seen my book find it amazing and well put together… Again, Thank you!!!”

    Testimonial from Yatia O’Har – Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • “Jessica took the time to really understand our family’s needs and completed our history in a thorough and professional manner. She successfully completed this extensive project both on budget and on time. The end result was a beautiful timeline of our family history that we will cherish forever. I highly and without reservation recommend Jessica and her work.”

    Testimonial from Alice F. – Rogersville, Tennessee

  • “Jessica did a great job researching both my family and my wife’s family. My wife didn’t know much about her family’s history, and it was amazing to see how much she found with such little info. On the other hand, I thought I knew a lot about my family, but was still blown away by all the extra details and information she found!”

    Testimonial from Matt Baur – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I spent nearly three decades looking for my father. Other than his name and his age listed on my birth certificate, I had no information. Though it turned out he was deceased, Jessica found a photo of him – it was the first time I was able to put a face to my father. In addition, she found a number of relatives that I had no idea existed and have since contacted. Thank you for all of your hard work, Jessica, and everything you discovered with so little to go on.”

    Testimonial from Dave Simmons – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “My cousin Susan and I are very interested in the history of our family. A friend told me about The Ancestor Detector. The work of Jessica and her team have provided a great deal of information to us. Her communication throughout the search was exceptional, and her work was completed two months prior to our requested date of completion. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone.”

    Testimonial from Carol Hastings – Naples, Florida & Delaware

  • “I used The Ancestor Detector for family history work, and not only is Jessica complete and accurate, she will spend time and help you understand how and why she came up with the information. That was important to me, and I would recommend to anyone that has family research to do, have it done by The Ancestor Detector!”

    Testimonial from Paul Jackson – Winter Garden, Florida

  • “I have always wanted to know more about my family but both my parents have passed, so I turned to Jessica for help. She did a fantastic job in researching my parents’ relatives and completing a beautiful book that I can pass on to my children. Wonderful working with her and receiving such a cherished heirloom for the next generation.”

    Testimonial from Jeanie Cox – Harrison, Tennessee

  • “Thank you, Jessica, for the excellent job you did researching my family tree. For years I have been curious about my ancestors and planned to (some time) do my own research. However, after much encouragement from friends to join Colonial Dames, I realized that I was not going to find the time or the resources to do the job myself. Fortunately, my good friends told me about the genealogy books you prepared for them, and they highly recommended you. I did not hesitate to contact you, and I am very happy I did! In a short time, I had my own genealogy book! I am thrilled with all the information you found and even happier that I qualify for Colonial Dames and other societies. The information has increased my curiosity, and I anxious to continue the research and organize the many pictures I have. The book is truly a treasure to me and my family. Thanks again!”

    Testimonial from Marilyn Hoke – Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • “I really can’t say enough about Jessica Duke and the amazing job she did compiling a book of my family history. In my case I really didn’t have a lot to go on, being estranged from my father for 20 years and my Grand parents on my mother’s side had very little as well, but she gave me a report that was 2 books thick and went way beyond my expectations. Jessica was able to go back to the 1600’s, with pictures of grave sites, relatives and even some civil war documents! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to know where they come from, I thought I was predominantly Irish and it turned out that I have more Scottish roots then anything, without Jessica’s expert research methods, I never would have known. Myself and my family were very happy to finally know for sure where we came from, the whole experience was very well worth it!”

    Testimonial from Skip Waugh – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I love [the book]! … Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s better than I could have imagined. You are worth every penny.”

    Testimonial from Melissa White – Fall River, Massachusetts

  • “I have found Jessica to be a very industrious and thorough researcher. I know from first hand experience that she will go the extra mile for her clients. I would have no problem in referring her work in her specialty to any client of mine.”

    Testimonial from D. Barry Sheldon – Above The Branches Genealogy, LLC

  • “What a fantastic job!! Jessica traced my roots on both sides of my family back 10-12 generations to England and Germany, showing exactly who married who, who all the off-springs were, where they were born, a lot of what they did with their lives, and where they died. Virtually everything is documented in considerable detail… birth certificates, census records, land purchase records, and military records showing that some of my ancestors participated in both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Her investigation included many pictures and other interesting documents evidencing my ancestor existence and activities, most of which I had never seen before. Anyone interested in a professionally prepared, in-depth investigation of their genealogy should definitely consider this service from Jessica Duke… From my limited experience in genealogical matters, I have definitely learned that the only real way to put together a totally professional family tree is by working through a specialist that really knows how to collect and organize this type of information… Jessica Duke and the company she has built, The Ancestor Detector, is clearly a magnificent means for accomplishing this.”

    Testimonial from James H. Lucas – Henderson, Nevada

  • “Recently, I attended the retirement party for my brother, Paul. One of the highlights of the party was the large book that you constructed with the Schulz & Dudley ancestry. There were more than 250 people in attendance, and the book was passed among them all night. I finally got my chance to view the book at a family gathering two days later. What a marvelous work of family history! I can only imagine the time and effort that it took to create. For me, it was a walk through the lives of my parents prior to my birth. It was a treat for me… It is certain to become a family heirloom. My complements on a job well done, and I thank for the memories.”

    Testimonial from Robert J. Schulz – Westminster, Maryland

  • “I’ve always been about family and where we came from. When I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Duke to research my family history, she was incredibly helpful and patient… I’m very thankful for her hard work in putting together a better look at who my ancestors were and the history of my name.”

    Testimonial from Adam Raschke – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I was truly amazed at the depth and thoroughness of Jessica’s research into our family history. Photos and documents over one hundred years old that I could never have imagined still existed. The finished product was exceptionally and professionally done, far exceeding expectations. I highly recommend her services!”

    Testimonial from David Coppage – Peachtree City, Georgia

  • “I recently hired Jessica with The Ancestor Detector. Today I received my book on the Grussmeyer’s family history. The attention to detail and amount of information provided was truly amazing. Jessica is a true professional in her field, I would recommend her services to anyone. Jessica’s research dated back to 1627! I now have a complete record of the truth of where we came from; I now know I am the 12th generation Grussenmeyer… I think I’ll stick with Grussmeyer. The rich history and stories within this book will forever change my future, in knowing my past. Having this information in my hands puts a smile on my face, knowing that my future generations will never wonder about their past, as I did for so many years. If you feel as I felt, you won’t find someone better; who cares more about your history then Jessica. Thank you Jess! I respect what you do.”

    Testimonial from Todd Grussmeyer – Nashville, Tennessee

  • “Jessica’s books are amazing stories of who we came from, including photos and documents we would never have seen if we had tried to do this ourselves. She is a true professional in this field.”

    Testimonial from Mary Bostick – Snellville, Georgia

  • “I am so pleased with the work of The Ancestor Detector. Jessica was able to get my family’s history back to the 1700s, which is awesome for African American history. She’s so professional, and she loves what she does, and it shows in her work!”

    Testimonial from Tyesha Nalls-Perkins – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “When I contacted The Ancestor Detector about looking into my family history I had no idea what to expect. What I got was an amazing amount of verified information, documentation, and pictures of my ancestors. I now have something I can share with my family and pass down to future generations. Jessica was very thorough, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of my project!”

    Testimonial from Stephen Polk – Little Rock, Arkansas

  • “Jessica, I just want to thank you, The Ancestor Detector, again for doing a great job on finding out about my family history. I love going through the albums you made and seeing the lineage of my family. My ancestry roots are deeply planted in the state of Pennsylvania and I look forward on going on a road trip to see the area. Also to know that my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war is a fun fact. Thanks so much, Stephanie Hodges”

    Testimonial from Stephanie Hodges – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I had been having great difficulty in tracing a relative who moved to the USA in 1909. I contacted Jessica as I was unable to find any information myself. Jessica was unable to find out what happened to my relative but she supplied me with lots of additional material that I was not aware of. I would highly recommend this site [The Ancestor Detector] and Jessica’s service to anyone in the UK who is keen to trace relatives who have emigrated to the USA, especially anyone who has been inspired after watching “Who Do You Think You Are” on BBC1!”

    Testimonial from James Conquer – Scotland

  • “Family was always important to me, but I knew very little about my heritage, so after hearing about The Ancestor Detector Las Vegas and talking with Jessica, I didn’t hesitate asking her to help me with my research. I’m so glad I did. The book she compiled for me was beyond anything I could have imagined. She’d found personal, hand written letters, old, old photos, birth/death/marriage certificates, uncovered details of how they survived during the worst of times, and details of their happy, joyous times as well as a time-line to each of these events.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with Jessica because not only does she know what she’s doing, she’s a professional who allows that “personal touch” to shine through, giving my family’s history even more meaning.”

    Testimonial from Barbara Gale – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I had spent months and months looking for any shred of information on my great, great grandfather. I was looking high and low, but solid information was impossible for me to find. Then I was directed to The Ancestor Detector. I am so pleased at the professional job I received. The project report was just what I wanted. All the information I received had been researched and organized. What family heirlooms these will become! Jessica Duke was easy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone considering her as an expert. I really liked the historical timelines … throughout the book. It was a quality job from beginning to end. Thank you for going above and beyond in an effort to solve this family mystery.”

    Testimonial from Pat Brody – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I was looking for some information about my family and Jessica discovered a pirate! What a wonderful job by The Ancestor Detector. Jessica found pictures and documents that made my family history come alive. I highly recommend her… and I can’t wait to show my parents our family book.”

    Testimonial from Cal Boroughs – Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • “After receiving my book, I was astounded by the amount of material that Jessica Duke, The Ancestor Detector, recovered. This level of research is phenomenal, and it was more than I ever could have expected. For my book, Jessica included photos, created timelines, added copies of census and naturalization records. Truly, this piece of work is something that my family and I will cherish for years to come. Many thanks!”

    Testimonial from Richard S. Roon – Red Bank, New Jersey

  • “After meeting with Jessica, witnessing her love and passion for what she does, I knew she was the perfect professional to research my family’s ancestry. It is this drive that makes her so successful and is what made my family’s genealogy book so great and meaningful. Thanks to The Ancestor Detector, Jessica Duke, I am thrilled with my ancestral lineage of my family.”

    Testimonial from Mike Habighorst – Henderson, Nevada

  • “My husband’s father passed away last year, and I have been trying to think of away to honor him. When I heard about the Ancestor Detector and discovered a way to create a history of his family to pass along to his first grandchild, I knew exactly what I was going to get my husband for Christmas. It was so special to see his reaction on Christmas morning when he opened the book and I know it will be the gift that keeps on giving as we share the stories and history with friends and family.”

    Testimonial from Carrie Burns – Richmond, Virginia

  • “The Ancestor Detector has done an amazing job researching my ancestry! I highly recommend working with Jessica Duke to learn new things about your family history!”

    Testimonial from Anita Roussel – Huntsville, Alabama

  • “The Ancestor Detector just made 2 books for our family – 1 for my husband’s family and 1 for my maiden name. The results are thrilling! We have really enjoyed going through our books, and Jessica Duke does such a great job putting them together. It has been so fun to learn about our family history. I can’t wait to pass it on to my kids one day, too. Great job, and I highly recommend doing it if you haven’t yet!”

    Testimonial from Chrissy Cullum – Birmingham, Alabama

  • “Jessica Duke did an awesome job with my lineage research for United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was able to find documentation that I had been searching for ages. She was very thorough and quick. She is The Ancestor Detector!”

    Testimonial from Kathy Lucas – Henderson, Nevada

  • “My daughter contacted Jessica Duke, The Ancestor Detector, and asked her to make a special video to be viewed at my 75th birthday surprise party. The entire video consisted of photos of my life with my children and grandchildren and was set to music. That video brought tears to my eyes and was the highlight of the party.”

    Testimonial from Martha Bryant – Chattanooga, Tennessee